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VPS web Hosting

A common question that you ask whenever you are tasked with choosing a hosting server is which is the best hosting? While this question seems a simple one the task itself is quite hard because of the many variances that exist between different web hosting server. One particular server that you will find quite interesting is VPS hosting.

VPS simply stands for Virtual Private Server and as the name suggests, it is a virtualized server that mimics a dedicated server in the sense it provides similar services but in a somewhat shared environment.

If you decided to choose VPS hosting for your website, it is important to fully understand some principle characteristics that distinguish it from other hosting solutions.

After a careful consideration you should be able to explain why you are opting for VPS hosting. To assist come to a conclusive decision, here are some insightful facts you need to know about VPS Hosting.


What Is VPS Web Server Hosting?

A Virtual Private Server Hosting is one of a series of web hosting accounts you can choose from to host your newly created website and it is characterized by aspects of both dedicated and shared hosting.

The basic understanding everyone who owns a website is familiar with is that a web server is always needed to save your website files. Creating and managing a web server is as expensive as it is difficult which is why most people prefer purchasing the hosting services from few companies that are able to offer them.

However, not all web hosting services are the same, they are only similar in as far as providing a server to run your website on is concerned. When it comes to how they are set-up, offered features, flexibility and level of customization, all these hosting solutions are different from one another. Let us see how VPS hosting is designed and how it operates.



How Is VPS Hosting Different From Other Web Hosting?

VPS hosting is structured in a way that you can rent an entire server just for your website alone which is quite optimal especially if you are expecting high traffic. This server allows you to set up your website in a unique and specific way

. If set up in this manner, your website will be hosted by a VPS Server that is almost functioning as a dedicated server.

With different website owners having different needs, there is a chance that you might not want all the dedicated services VPS hosting has to offer and in that case you can rent just a portion of the entire server.

With shared hosting, you will be sharing the server with other users hence making it virtually impossible to have your website designed in your own customized style.



How VPS Hosting Work

If you are wondering how VPS Hosting works before you can make up your mind whether or not to opt for it, then here is what you need to know.

VPS Hosting is based on a similar technology as that of Virtual Box or VMware if you know what that means. With these programs, users can run a series of virtualized operating systems on the same machine.


Virtualization Of Operating Systems


While a VPS Server might have a single physical server, it can be used to run a number of operating systems on the same server. Each of these OS functions as a dedicated server on its own thus allowing you to experiences the same services of a dedicated server but at a much lowered cost.

Different VPS hosting providers use different containers to virtualize Operating systems for instance, InMotion uses Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for this purpose. VPS hosting can also be unmetered although in essence you will be sharing a bandwidth and also be subject to a fair usage policy.



What are the Advantages of Using a VPS Hosting Over Other Hosting Plans?

There are many reasons why you might want a VPS Hosting as opposed to other hosting solutions although each hosting has its strengths and limitations. Once you’ve decided what your website needs are, you have to make a decision of the hosting to use. If you opt for VPS hosting, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy.




VPS Hosting gives you control over the server’s software which gives you the luxury of choosing and installing the software you need to improve the performance of your website. With a VPS server hosting, you also have the privilege of upgrading your software packages at your own will and on your own terms.

 This means you can test them before selecting the one to use so as not to get frustrated by surprise bugs and errors. What is more is that you can have a game or email server especially if you don’t want to use it merely as a VPN endpoint.

Customization is everything that a VPS hosting offers you specifically when you want to configure the security protocols.

Besides flexibility, security and customization, VPS Hosting is much more affordable considering all the features it has to offer. For this reason and others mentioned above, you might find VPS hosting a decent choice.

Ultimately, the choice of which hosting solution to go for will depend on the website you are managing and the level of security required.

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